Know the secret of the beauty from within!

The relaxation you seek, the beauty you yearn and the health haleness you desire is all here at ChevaMontraThaiMassageplusBeauty.True beauty can not be acquired by mere upper embellishments; the true beauty comes from within. Spa message can provide you the wellness and beauty from core. The detoxification and increased circulation of your of your blood flow can bring back the beauty, you lost.We know that you are too busy and can not take care of yourself and thus we take the full responsibility to pamper you, we will provide you the premium and excellent service of body message. The message that will bring calmness to your senses and nerves and then the beauty, the veracious beauty will show up.It is common nowadays to have dull and glow less skin but with “ChevaMontraThaiMassageplusBeauty”, the even tone and natural glow to your skin is for sure. Experience the blissof ecstatic message from the experienced and skillful hands, especially appointed to provide you the expert service.Why let suffer you and your skin from daily’s hustle and bustle? Just pay a visit to “ChevaMontraThaiMassageplusBeauty” and get rid of the mental agitations, dull and patched skin and other ailments that can be healed by our tranquilizing message therapies.


The aura of serenity

“ChevaMontraThaiMassageplusBeauty” has the ambience that will allow you to forget all the tensions and problems, the moment you step into the parlor.The authentic andethnicsurroundings and the aroma of the therapeutic candles will be welcoming you to a whole new world of peace andvivacity. The message will help you to have the rejuvenation session while the ambience will provide your senses the feel of tranquility. It is your only chance to let go all your agitations and problems behind and for once have the care you need, your body need.Neglecting the need of your body will cost you later and at that time it may be too late to di something, so you better start taking care of yourself from now on and “ChevaMontraThaiMassageplusBeauty” will help you…






494 High Street,

1057A Nepean HWY,


By Train stop at Croxton station or tram stop 35.

Trading hours

  •  Open 7 days 10 am – 11 pm
  • Car Parking at Rear
  • Accepted Visa , Master card, Eftpots
  • Non Sexual service provided
  • Gift Voucher Available
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